Welcome to Butter Creek Poultry and Raw Pet Food

Formally known as "Pep's Poultry"

Butter Creek Poultry and Raw Pet Food in Quakertown, PA, Quakertown Farmers Market, Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaWe are your neighborhood family butcher shop, bringing back old fashioned customer service and value. Butter Creek is your best source in the area for fresh, quality meat, and poultry for your dog or cat. We provide fresh chicken, pork, beef, rabbit, turkey, etc. We take pride in our unwavering commitment to top quality meat products, unmatched customer service, ongoing development of specialty items. A nutritious, well-balanced raw and grain-free diet is perhaps the most important factor in your dog’s overall health and longevity.

Why feed your dog processed “pellets” when your pet really needs real, fresh food? Most dogs do not get all the nutrients they need from today’s heavily-processed commercial pet foods. The premium brands compromise nutrition for convenience and long term storage. In addition to better nutrition, fresh food is safer than processed food and runs less risk of contamination.

With proper nutrition from our fresh meats, you can help your dog:

• clear up skin problems and other allergies caused from commerical pet food

• show a better coat

• fresher breath, and cleaner teeth

• live a healthier lifestyle and become more active

We invite you to come in, look around, and ask questions. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we'll prove it.


We at Butter Creek Poultry strive for the best quality in everything we do, but we cannot improve without your feedback so please let us know of any problems that may occure so we can correct them.